Providing excellent service in property management and maintenance throughout Dallas County.

Our mission is to manage your property as if we owned it ourselves. Our Texas Real Estate licensed company provides excellent full-service property management and HOA management services which includes tenant screening, marketing and leasing, eviction management, rent collections and income and expense reports, rental surveys, property inspections, utility monitoring including water consumption, vendor management, washer and dryer coin collection service and 24 hour maintenance care throughout Los Angeles County. Our management skills range from the servicing of a single family residence or condominium up to a multi-unit apartment complex or commercial center. Our current portfolio includes properties located in Dallas County as well as Collin County, though our main concentration is in the Dallas area.

Your real estate investment is in excellent hands with the Donovan Lord Property Management Team. We are equipped with a sophisticated management software system where both our landlords and tenants are able to view their activities on our site. Tenants are able to pay on-line. Owners are able to down-load information from their portal 24 hours per day.  Our founder formed Donovan Lord Property Management due to their desire to provide a service that they themselves were not able to find to manage their personal investment properties. A solid property management company was formed consisting of a highly trained staff who in turn also trains resident managers when needed. The staff at Donovan Lord Property Management is dedicated to the service of our customers with the mindset to treat all properties we manage as if it were our own.

Rental Properties

By selecting a property management company you are making a very important decision. The company you choose must be both knowledgeable in real estate and have dedication to see you through every step of the way. Managing property has become an increasingly complex and specialized field with constant law changes. Donovan Lord Property Management handles all aspects of management so that our clients don’t have to. Most importantly, we treat each property as if we own it ourselves.

We specialize in:

Multi-Family Apartment Complexes
Single Family Homes
Section 8 Housing
Benefits of using Donovan Lord Property Management

Property Management Services

Complete Tenant Screening – Credit/Eviction/Criminal-

We run a credit check for past eviction records, delinquencies and other information in order to identify a prospective tenant. In addition, we verify current and past landlord references, current employment and income.

Rent Collection-

Rents are collected on the due date and entered on our secured system.


We handle the eviction process from start to finish which includes serving three-day notices, court appearances and sheriff lockouts. All evictions are supervised by the eviction attorneys.

General Property Maintenance and Repairs-

We manage and address all needed repairs which include: time frames, benchmarks of receiving bids and estimated completion dates.

Manager Training-

All of the managers (both on-site and off-site) are fully trained on the responsibilities required for maintaining clean buildings and reporting any needed repair items.

Emergency Maintenance Services-

Fast acting response to all maintenance calls.

Property Evaluation-

We do a thorough evaluation of the local rent market. Our evaluation is based on current market trends, along with condition, amenities, and recently leased properties.

Management Philosophy and Goals

We will maintain your asset, manage your balance sheet and strive to achieve the highest net profit. Our goal is to minimize your costs and achieve your objectives in a highly customized manner.

Monthly Financial Reports and Statements

Reports and proceeds are provided monthly to property owners. The report includes all rental income received during the operating month along with detailed expenses such as; repairs, utilities or any other expenses paid from account. You will receive copies of all expenses paid for your records including a year-to-date report.

State of the Art Computer System

We utilize state-of-the-art property management software to monitor and track all our bookkeeping from rent collection to invoice payment which allows you to view real-time information at your convenience.

Competitive Rates –

Donovan Lord Property Management is conscientious of the properties we are entrusted to manage must produce a certain yield for our clients. To reach this yield we believe that our property management team must not solely collect rent on a monthly basis, but also provide added-value to the property owners. Routine inspections, interaction with tenants, supervision of repairs, enforcement of house-rules; monitoring of owner paid utility expenses and our recommendation to increase rents when necessary are a few day-to-day tasks that we provide.

We wish for our client’s property to be well maintained as there is a correlation to a professionally maintained property and a high producing investment.

Our goal is for all of our clients to benefit from the highest market rent available while enjoying the monitoring of variable expenses by our team. The outcome we expect to reach is that of a higher net profit to you.

Donovan Lord Property Management offers our clients competitive rates and superior service.

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