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How Much House Do You Need?

Why do people buy houses that are far too large for their needs?  They end up with rooms that never get used, which means heating and cooling unused spaces.  They pay more in the long run and they spend a lot more time cleaning as well. While there are McMansions everywhere, remnants of the now defunct building boom from a few years ago,where many people bought bigger and bigger homes often 4000...

Location, Location, Location

Everyone knows the old adage that when buying real estate, it's all about "Location, Location, Location".  Is this true?  Absolutely. The fact is you can buy an incredible home that meets all of your needs functionally, but in the wrong location.   You can always add on, remodel, etc. but you cannot move the land upon which it rests.   So what makes for a prime location versus a not-so-prime...

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